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Bringing Local Food to the Table

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Bringing Local Food to the Table

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Bringing Local Food to the Table


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Relax and unwind as you dine at the The Yard Restaurant. Rustic yet modern, the menu is focused on creating mouthwatering dishes that celebrate fresh local produce. Taste and savour 'The Yard Experience' as you the soak up the inviting charm that makes it so popular with both guests and locals alike.

We're incredibly fortunate to have access to some of Ireland's finest produce nearby. Making best use of these high-quality ingredients, it is our goal to prepare dishes with a simple, yet sophisticated touch, ensuring a consistently delicious dining experience.

For those with the most discerning of taste buds, to the simpler tastes of our younger guests, our menu has been crafted to satisfy everyone.

Meat Mastery

The Yard boasts a Himalayan salt meat aging chamber, showcasing our exceptional local produce and ensuring only the finest, perfectly-aged cuts of beef are served. Beef is cooked to absolute perfection using our broiler. You will not be disappointed!


The lunch menu comes with some stand-out dishes that will leave you satisfied for all the right reasons. Whether you choose our famous 'Yard Burger' with Chips or opt for a lighter option like the delicious korean fried chicken you'll enjoy every bite. If you need Vegetarian and Gluten Free options, we have that covered too.

Sip & Savour

We offer a vast selection of fine wines and beverages, as well as a delightful assortment of in-house prepared desserts for a seasonal flair to your lunchtime dining experience. Post-lunch, indulge in cocktails, Irish coffees, or Espresso Martinis, either in the restaurant or at Mrs Coleman's bar or the Mezzanine area for a change of scenery


Lunch Opening Times

Monday to Saturday | 12 to 4pm 

Sunday | 12 to 8pm

*Outside restaurant opening hours, tea, coffee and scones / tray bakes are available.

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The Yard Restaurant


Spring Lunch Menu


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Sunday Lunch